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Gold Coast Fitness is a community for sports enthusiasts on the right bank of Lake Zurich and beyond.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adult or a child, whether you’re old or young at heart, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete – we offer classes for every starting point and level of ability. That way no one is overwhelmed, but everyone can challenge themselves!

By joining Gold Coast Fitness, you become part of a warm, welcoming community where people support each other and celebrate their successes.

As we are a bunch of international people, classes are run in both, German and English.

With us, your training sessions are a holistic experience and not “just” a gym session – in short: the best hour of your day!

Functional Fitness

In our classes, we offer the entire range of functional training, the “WoD” (Workout of the Day), our popular Bootcamp Class, Gymnastics, Mobility, and Weightlifting.

Our classes are fun and motivate you to perform at your best. The workouts and requirements are always adapted to your personal needs and goals.

We are particularly proud of the fact that every member is individually coached and motivated during the class. This is how we achieve the best results together and minimize the risk of injury.


Our yoga teachers Anja and Diana offer you different yoga styles.
Anja loves flowing movements and therefore focuses her classes on yoga flows, Yin yoga for the fascia, and strengthening asanas that are relaxing at the same time. She combines classic Hatha Yoga with flowing Vinyasa elements to create a comprehensive yoga experience while taking into account the individual needs of the participants.
Diana’s focal point is the natural alignment of the body. She focuses on releasing unnecessary tension in the body to achieve a feeling of lightness and freedom. She also works with balancing positions that sharpen focus and attention. In her classes, you will experience a unique fusion of strength and relaxation, dynamics and calm.

Whether you are a yoga newbie or an experienced yogi, Anja and Diana’s classes are suitable for everyone.

Contact Coach Conny for more information and to sign up for the classes.

Training for Kids and Teens

In different age groups, new movements are learned in a playful way, and strength, mobility, and balance are specifically trained in a fun atmosphere.

The training begins with the basic forms of movement, such as walking/running, jumping, climbing, carrying, throwing, and catching. The requirements are always adapted to the age and abilities of the children and increase with age and training experience. The main focus lies on training using the own body weight. Your kids can already start from the age of three.

Contact CrossFit Kids Coach Conny for more information and to sign up for the classes.

Training for a range of abilities and needs

Do you think about yourself as an older person?
Do you think you are not very sporty?
Or would you rather start slowly again after a pregnancy or after a longer break?

We account for your unique training needs with different tailor-made offers.

Contact CrossFit Level 1 Coach Conny for more information.

Personal Training

All of our coaches are certified experts in their field and you can book us for personal training outside the classes to help you reach your goals.

Would you like to be individually looked after when you return to training?
Or does a certain part of your body need special attention because you are recovering from an injury?
Are you preparing for a competition or would you like to work on a specific skill, e.g. your Olympic lifts or on your gymnastics skills?

With personal training, you can work on your goals in a targeted manner with the help of our experienced coaches.

Nutrition Coaching

Exercise and nutrition – the basis of your health.

Our training combined with good nutrition will help you to achieve your sporting and health goals even faster and is the best way to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Owner and coach Tina is a certified nutrition coach and is happy to give you as much information and support as you want and need on your way to a healthy diet.

The best hour of your day starts here:

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